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A small business out of San Diego, CA. Direct, Events, Wholesale, Gifts. We serve specialized goods including, pastries, cookies, muffins, pies, cakes and wedding cakes! We love our members and customers and hope to serve you!

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Bethlehem Baking Co. was started in 2019 to help supplement income as a stay at home mother to the family.

We started as a cottage business out of San Diego, CA. Our focus has always been our customers in direct sales but now serve local churches, businesses and coffee shops in stocking their shelves.

In late 2021 God had been speaking to us individually and as we came together in prayer and communication, the vision became clear. Through months of discernment, reading scripture, praying and seeking wise counsel we knew what God was asking of us.

By January 2022 Thomas left his job of 5 years and went all in with his wife Rebekah.

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