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Fries Keyboard Works provides piano and organ services in the Chicagoland area. Computer and electronic services also available.

Fries Keyboard Works, L.L.C. is a fully insured and registered Limited Liability Corporation in Illinois.
My business combines two different loves in my life – music and computers. I started out working on pianos shortly after college – then got into organs. Of course I’ve had my head in computers since I was a kid.
My mission, aside from providing for my family, is to help churches continue to maintain their acoustic pianos and organs for generations to come, at an affordable price point. Many people discard their acoustic pianos and organs in favor of electronics because of false assumptions that long-term maintenance costs would be less. Pipe organs and well-made American pianos go to the dumpster every single day! I wish to save as many instruments as possible, and find them a new home or other dignified uses.

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