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I am the owner of Gentle Lady Boutique. Was a career FA – was content w/previous airline until the PAX Mask. Lost Career. USArmy Veteran 91T. Demanding truth disclosure! For all things! Deception is the root of all evil.

Our goal is to offer women classic clothing choices; both modern and vintage cuts.Lets Cancel and Replace Woke Clothing Companies Together!

We look for trendy fashion styles from the roaring20s. Midi hem lines, sheer fabrics, embroidered fabrics, exotic prints, conservative necklines, drop-waist, embellished materials, uniformed dresses, and maxi hem lines.

There are exceptions; we also have contemporary designs, with some low cuts at the décolleté, and mini dresses. We want product that will mix/match smartly, mini to floor-length. 

1920s style dresses becomes 2020s style dresses.

#Roaring20sAgain !

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