looking ahead

This project was originally birthed out of a desire to have a standalone, searchable index of businesses that were on gab.

Prior to this, an official list of businesses was being compiled and curated on a page called ‘The Parallel Economy Catalog‘. Understandably, the site had a difficult time keeping up with the growing number of businesses wanting a coveted spot on The List. At one point, someone suggested that the Gab team consider collaborating with or building off of this directory. That conversation never took place.

the Gab Business Directory

The Gab dev team recently rolled out their version of the Gab Business Directory, which is integrated into the social media environment, along with the marketplace. I currently have 2 businesses listed in the directory, and while I reserve any criticism for the platform until it has sufficiently matured, I do have some thoughts on where this gab.directory site fits into the greater parallel economy environment.

Once the official Gab Business Directory was released, my original intent was to deprecate this site and ultimately, sell it, or let it fade into cyberwaste.

This is one reason why I have not published any updates.

But today, as I write this, not only do I have a stronger sense of maintaining the site, but also a desire of expanding it with the addition of a forum/discussion feature.

business + politics

The conversation dominating the headlines on Gab Social is politics, and that’s to be expected. It was born, nurtured, and strengthened within that crucible. But more recently, I’ve noticed a stronger gravitational pull towards discussions -ok, outright keyboard brawling- around identity and racial philosophies.

Yes, this is free speech and should in no way be censored. But is it conducive to fostering a favorable business environment? I suppose it depends on the business – and its customers.

This is a question that many businesses in the parallel economy are going to have to answer for themselves when deciding into which channels they choose to invest their marketing resources. It’s true that the ROI will always be a prime factor of consideration. But for many businesses, so are brand values and alignment.

diversity of channels

At the moment, Gab remains the undisputed champion of free speech when it comes to social media platforms. That is why I am there. That is why I will continue to support Gab.

Yet, I do think there is plenty of room for a range of different marketing channels to exist and serve the growing spectrum of parallel economy sectors. Especially a venue for those wanting to diminish the discord and often polarizing tone of politics, in order to promote an environment more keenly focused on business and customer service.

However many, or few, participants there may be, time will tell.

The Business Portal page is still open for you to list your business. Additionally, the option to create an account and manage your listing is now enabled.