weekend updates 5.5.23

I put a little more time into styling the site this week and will likely tweak it a bit more before the weekend is over. But the overall aesthetic will be clean and simple as I’m generally focusing on functionality and content.

Hopefully, any UI changes will help improve the site’s UX.

Parallel Economy Catalog

I will continue to methodically go through the official Parallel Economy Catalog and add those businesses to the directory.

If you’re in the catalog and I haven’t created your listing yet, you are more than welcome to go ahead and submit it yourself.

I’ve noticed that some businesses listed in the catalog don’t have a gab profile, or the one listed is no longer active. I am not including those in the gab directory.

Personal Information

If you’re adding your own business, any info you include will be publicly available. So keep that in mind if posting emails, addresses, and phone numbers.

Anticipate that spammy internet bots (or unscrupulous humans) could possibly scrape that information and use it to send you solicitations.

Privacy Policy

One of my goals this weekend is to get a Privacy Policy Page posted. Again, this is a free site using publicly posted, or user submitted content. But these are the times we live in.